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First Choice Imaging, LLC, a New Jersey, USA based company with additional locations on Long Island, New York, is a leading provider of refurbished medical imaging equipment since 2009. In addition to sales of these devices, we also provide on-site and depot-level service and service support, as well as on-site applications and user training to the technologists and physicians who operate them.

Prior to 2019, we have focused primarily on those devices unique to women’s health: Mammography – Analog, Digital, and 3D / Tomography, and DEXA / Bone
Densitometry scanners.

Our newest endeavor, and our primary reason for attending the 2019 Spring CMEF, is to continue to develop and offer on-site service training programs for ALL modalities and ALL manufacturers of medical imaging systems. Unlike other providers of this training, our intention is to provide this training at our customers’ locations across China – for end users / hospitals / clinics, at the location of the equipment. For third party service companies, at their place of business or warehouse locations.

Gaining the knowledge to “self-service” these medical systems, will enable our clients / customers / partners to eliminate the need for costly OEM service contracts, and service and maintain their devices internally.

Finally, through our sister company and repair parts partner PhiGEM Parts, Inc., we are able to provide a full complement of guaranteed and certified repair parts for all modalities and all OEMs of medical imaging systems, to further support our partners and clients within China.



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